Behavioral Choice Task

The Behavioral Choice Task is a software program designed for researchers to use in reinforcement and habituation paradigms in humans. It has the ability to program various reinforcement schedules for measuring reinforcing value and habituation behaviors along with flexibility for a variety of schedules of reinforcement.
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The Behavioral Choice Task (BCT) is a flexible approach to studying reinforcing value as well as habituation. With BCT you can create tasks for delivery of a specific reinforcer with options for multiple reinforcers and a variety of schedule options. When implementing habituation paradigms tasks can be created that vary parameters of the habituating or dishabituating stimuli. Researchers have used this software to measure the responding, timing, and number of reinforcers earned in infants, children adolescents, and adults, providing a wide range of targeted populations. Substitution, reinforcing value, and habituation paradigms can be easily programmed and set up simultaneously for multiple studies and adjusted for different populations.